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International School of Missions and Leadership (ISOMAL) the first and best tuition free Bible School in Nigeria with international training programs and accreditation.

DR. Victor Okorie BA, MA, PHD.
Dr. Victor Okorie BA, MA, PHD.

Welcome insight from ISOMAL President.

It's with great enthusiasm that I welcome all our international students to rare opportunity to upgrade your ministry skills.

It's a great honor to answer the call of God and fulfill it according to Colossians 4:17 "tell Archippus (you) see to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the lord"

The starting point to fulfilling your ministry assignment is through adequate training.

It’s risky to practice any profession without training. In my capacity as the president of ISOMAL Bible School, I salute your bold move to kick start this program. Remember in the words of Oliver Goldsmith, he said "a man full of aspirations sees beyond his microscopic environment. His optimistic for his course of choice can no mortal man ward off. His motto is ; where determination is predominant, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success"

I encourage you to be a man/ woman of vision, with rugged faith, be an epitome of selfless ambition, single yourself out of the crowd and fulfill the purpose for which God created you. I will send you a special congratulations letter in addition to your well deserved certificate at the end of your study. See you at the top, your generation will hear your voice,
You are unstoppable.

Yours in Christ service.

Dr. Victor Okorie.
BA, MA, PhD.

Meet Our Academic Board

Rev. Barr. Ojiyi Ezechinemelu

ISOMAL Registrar

Princess Chinwe Okorie. Hod. Administration

Princess Chinwe Okorie

H.O.D. Administration

ISOMAL academic board member - tuition free Bible school

Pastor Peace Akpan

Board Member

ISOMAL tuition free Bible school

Rev. Dr. Mike

Board Member

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What Our Students Have to Say

Before l cannot stand to preach in the public even to pray but to the glory of Almighty God l can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13) even to give Bible quotation as above.Praise thy Lord:Alleluia, MY LIFE CHANGED WHEN I ENROLLED AND GRADUATED FROM ISOMAL BIBLE SCHOOL NIGERIA ON :21st Sept,2019. I ATTEND :Redeem Christian Church Of God. l benefited a lot in that l can pray , preach sing with suitable Bible quotations for hours nonstop and now I major much in children ministry. Recommendation:As if l have seen this before , one of my fellow staff rushed to me this afternoon to help her on what to do that this call of God has been disturbing her on what to do , after our discussion l told her about ISOMAL BIBLE SCHOOL , she said okay that we will conclude it tomorrow by His grace.
Pastor Ede Edith Chiebonam
From Dallas, USA
I worship at The Anointed Ambassadors Church Inc located at Enugu Nigeria. My year of graduation from ISOMAL BIBLE SCHOOL NIGERIA was 2018. Indeed my experience in ISOMAL was a remarkable one from the starting of my lecture till the end. It was really an exposure to the happenings not just in a particular geographical location but round the world followed with a proper discipline by the management of the school. Indeed it is a nondenominational program for all including the exposed and the unexposed in the society. I came, I saw and I conquer and today am a living testimony. 1Ch 12:33 men of Zebulun, experienced soldiers prepared for battle with every type of weapon, to help David with undivided loyalty--50,000;. Just like this men were prepared for battle with all kinds of weapons, ISOMAL is a perfect place of preparation with all kinds of weapons. If I can do it, you can do better. Come and see for yourself.
ISOMAL tuition free Bible graduate
Amb Usang Daniel Amechi Miracle
Enugu, Nigeria
I enrolled in ISOMAL bible school Nigeria i 2013 and graduated in 2014. ISOMAL developed me spiritually and intellectually with proper ministerial skills. Without controversy, i am proud to recommend ISOMAL bible school to you whether male or female you are welcome.
Pst Peace ISOMAL tuition free graduate
Pastor Peace Akpan
From Japan
I PASTOR AT ZION DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES Int'l Since i come in contact with ISOMAL , I have a shift in my work with God. I Recommend ISOMAL AS THE BEST NON DENOMINATIONAL TUITION FREE BIBLE SCHOOL best place to ATTEND if you want to fulfill your calling AS A MINISTR OF THE GOSPEL.
Apostle Victor Ilonze ISOMAL graduate testimonial
Apostle Victor Ilonze
From London, UK